Reasons to Partner With a Construction Recruitment Agency

A construction recruitment agency can help your company gain a competitive advantage by providing access to a pool of highly-skilled and experienced construction workers. By partnering with a reputable agency, you can rest assured that the candidates you receive will be of the highest quality and best suited for your specific needs. There are many […]

7 Benefits of Working with a Construction Recruitment Agency

7 Benefits of Working with a Construction Recruitment Agency Construction is a broad field comprised of many things, such as engineering, architecture, urban planning, and building construction. Construction is a vital part of our world, and working a job in the field is highly fulfilling and rewarding. However, as with any other field, you need […]

What Construction Workers Does Your Company Need?

What type of construction workers does your company need? There are many different types of construction workers that your company may need. Here is a look at some of the most common ones. General Labourer A general labourer is someone who performs a variety of tasks on a construction site. They may load and unload […]

Lets Prepare That Perfect CV

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Prepare That Perfect CV Everyone has an opinion on what makes a good CV but there are a few guidelines that everyone should stick to. Always remember that your single most important marketing tool is your CV.It is highly likely that your CV will be one of many, and recruiters or consultants might just scan […]

10 Reasons To Choose Phillip Shaun Construction ltd

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10 PRACTICAL REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE USING PHILLIP SHAUN CONSTRUCTION TODAY! Take all the hassle out of getting people on site – you choose the best; we do the rest! Including: 1.Tried and Tested Workforce Many of our workers have worked through us before, so we know how good they are. Those that have […]